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Sizus: Th hav bn occasional pots sizus occuing with clomipamin. Sizus a mlikly toccu whn high doss this mdication a takn. I you hav a histoy pilpsy mdical conditions that incas th isk sizus, discuss with you docthow this mdication may act you mdical condition, how you mdical condition may act th dosing and ctivnss this mdication, and whth any spcial monitoing is ndd.

Bast-ding: This mdication passs intbast milk. I you a a bast-ding moth and a taking clomipamin, it may act you baby. Talk tyou doctabout whth you should continu bast-ding, whth you should gadually withdaw th mdication.

Th inomation in this lalt was last updatd on th dat listd on th inal pag. Mcnt inomation on th mdicin may b availabl.

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